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Five Simple Ways to Fix Your Website Content


Five Powerful but Simple Ways to Fix your Blogging Website Content

Most bloggers will eventually check out what their competition is doing. They often will see segments of the competitors website that impresses them and they will incorporate this as part of their content marketing strategy. What can end up happening is the blog site now becomes disjointed and it looks like it has been pieced together. It can create a lot of flaws, and it can have a negative effect on your search engine optimization. Here are some tips to help you do an honest review of your blogging site and quickly fix the issues.

Getting rid of the fluff:

Starting with your home page as soon as you load your site what do you see? Take a good hard look at this and if there is anything that is there that does not have some value to you as a viewer then consider getting rid of it.

Now you need to scroll down below the fold and use the same scrutiny. It could be that you have multiple ads for the same thing. Perhaps you have several banners all offering the same content just in different forms. Everything you see on your home page is taking up valuable space, but is it offering value?

Much of what you may be getting rid of is duplicate content, and the extra bonus by eliminating it is that it may help your site’s load speed. Blogging sites often contain advertisements which can be a great money maker but this is where you need to focus on the banner ads.

Make your site skim friendly:

The majority of us are skimmers meaning that any content that first comes into view we will quickly skim over it to see if we want to devote more time to reading it in its entirety. In order for you to make your content skim friendly you need to focus on a few things. One of these is using headlines and paragraphs with sub headlines.

The next step is making sure that these headlines and sub headlines are not glaring in color or flashing, but the words are powerful and explain exactly what the content following it is going to deliver.

Proof Reading:

Now that you have only the valuable content the next step is to proof read all of it. When you are copywriting it is difficult to proof your own work. If you compiled your own site content no doubt you proofed it at the time that you loaded it. Now that it has been up awhile you will be viewing it with fresh eyes as you scrutinize it.

Proofing of course includes the checking of the content for spelling and grammar but it also should consist of a lot more, which includes more steps. Here is a proof check list that you can follow, but each step should be done one at a time. Your proofing efforts will fail if you try and implement several steps during one proofing. Having a good proof reading strategy enhances your search engine optimization and improves your content marketing.

  1. spelling errors
  2. grammar errors
  3. the flow of the content
  4. the layout
  5. the value of the content itself
  6. accuracy in quotes and citations


One of the biggest frustrations for many viewers is complex navigation. The more steps that your viewer has to go through to find the information that they want the more likely they are to leave your site. Make sure that every piece of content on your site is easy to find with as few steps as possible. Good navigation should be part of every content marketing planning.

Big, Bold and Beautiful Within Reason:

Headers, sliders, and pop outs all have an important function on your website, and many bloggers are incorporating them, but they can detract from your copywriting. The success with these is to keep them within reason and strategically placed. A slider that is whipping through a series of images loaded with text soon becomes a source of frustration for your site visitor.

These are simple errors that can be really costly for your blogging site. You put a lot of effort into your copywriting and you don’t want these types of blogging site flaws to detract from this, but they are easily fixed with a little effort.


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